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This fun endeavor started like many abrupt changes in life one door closes and so you look for another to open. Though we have a farm with fainting goats, chickens, a donkey and multiple dogs, it wasn't enough. From our past life (yes, retired and this is a second career!) it was clear we needed to be busy and use almost every minute of the day and the farm wasn't cutting it. 

So loving to drink wine and grow plants, it was a natural step to learn to grow grape vines and make wine. Watching a growing, living plant come from the hard work put into a dead looking vine is immensely satisfying. To then be able to have a glass of wine from the growth is an even more incredible feeling. Having a chef in the family, naturally added the food and eventually the restaurant. Finally, to make a place, a winery, that people want to come and relax, enjoy wine and eat good food is the goal. 

This is a family project, including our extended family and therefore a project filled with love and support.  You can't ask for a better "job"!

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